Additional Services & Pricing

Dog Daycare Full Day $27.00
Dog Daycare Boarding add-on $15.00
Dog Daycare Evaluation $15.00
Dog Daycare 5-Day Package $128.25
Dog Daycare 10-Day Package $243.00
Dog Daycare 20-Day Package $459.00
Dog Boarding Per Night $33-$43
Exit Bath 20lbs/20lbs-50lbs/50lbs & Up $15/$25/$35
Brush Out w/ Cologne $5.00
Pet Protection Per Day / Per Dog $1.00
Marrow Bone $3.00
Marrow Bone Refill /w peanut butter $4.00
Pig Ear $4.00
Frozen Kong /w peanut butter $4.00
Bully Stick 6″ or 12″ $4.00/$8.00

Dog Daycare: Drop off/pick-up same day

Dog Daycare Packages: We offer packages for daycare only. These packages are non-refundable with no expiration date and you do not have to use it consecutively.

Dog Boarding: Overnight stay. Your dog is placed in a kennel overnight based on size.

Exit Bath: Bath, blow dry and cologne spray prior to your dog leaving.

Brush out/cologne: Freshens up your dog after a short stay.

Pet Protection: Our Pet Protection Program is a unique plan which provides you with peace of mind during your pets visit.  We will cover veterinary fees (up to $250) for emergency treatment of injuries that may arise from playtime.  Excludes any pre-existing health conditions which you must advise us about, prior to your pet’s stay.  Canine Cough or any other illnesses are not covered under this program.