The Dog Den Distinction

The Dog Den will interact with and love your pet when you have to be away. Now, you can travel without worry, knowing The Dog Den is taking care of your canine companion.

The Dog Den offers dog daycare services as well as overnight accommodations. We provide a safe, stimulating option for dogs whose owners are away during the day, or for dogs who need extra activity and social interaction. The Dog Den provides a safe place for pets to be cared for in a setting that allows them the freedom to interact with other pets and people, and to become familiar with new environments. In addition to providing exercise and socialization, it can curb destructive behaviors and help alleviate separation anxiety. Unlike dog parks, and pet-sitting in the home, doggy day care ensures a consistent, fully supervised way to train and socialize pets so they are better behaved and easier to handle.

At The Dog Den, we assertively and consistently let pets know their boundaries and limitations, so they can be free to play with each other in a non-aggressive manner. To that end, we exercise basic obedience commands throughout the day, focus on constructive dog behavior and reward good behavior with lots of pats and praise!
At the end of the day, we will return to you a happy and tired dog!