31 East Kenyon

Update: March 13 2020

Build-out in our new location officially starts April 1st. No this is not a joke. During the process we will be updating and posting pictures of our progress. Stay tuned!

The purpose of this blog is to keep you informed on the status of our move to 31 East Kenyon. Some of you don’t have Facebook and I will not be able to send out e-mails on our progress here in a couple of days. Blog will start with the basic information that everyone is already aware of.

We have signed a 10-year lease at 31 East Kenyon Road. The facility is currently occupied by Bobcat of Champaign and is located off Neil Street just South of Interstate 74.

  • 10600 SF facility
  • 4600 SF Inside playroom with rubber floors
  • 4500 SF boarding room with kennels
  • The rest is lobby, restrooms and storage areas
  • There will be an outside play yard. Unsure of size now

We are not expected to occupy the building until April. Once we do occupy the build-out time is approximately 6-8 weeks. Bobcat has been given 3 months to move out just recently, so the question is how long they will take to vacate the property. We will have an open house prior to opening day to give tours and meet the staff. Details will be given when we get close to opening day. In the meantime follow our progress here or on Facebook.